Pixotope Director is designed with a virtual production workflow in mind. It is built around the main steps, which are shown in the interface in 3 views. These can be switched in the left side menu:

  • using the dropdown

  • using Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3

or can be cycled through using Ctrl+Tab (Shift+Ctrl+Tab).

START view

  • Create, open and manage shows

  • Change machine role and other machine specific settings

Learn more about Starting Director

SETUP view

  • Change project link and other show settings

  • Configure and calibrate your camera systems and video inputs and outputs

  • Launch levels and control panels

Learn more about Setting up a show


  • Launch levels and control panels

  • Adjust the video keyer, composite, effects, color grading and/or every single object in your level

  • Control your running levels using custom control panels

Learn more about Making adjustments

The Help section is available in all views.

Learn more about What is stored where?