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Configure machines

The Machines panel allows you to view and configure your machines from a single panel.

It shows all connected machines and their following settings:

Editable across machines


Machine name

Local only

Per machine

Display name


Per machine

Display color


Per machine

Logged in user

Local only

Per machine


Local only

Per machine

IP address

Local only

Per machine

Network role

Local only

Per machine

Groups/Render groups


Per show

Change name and color

  1. Click on the colored box to change the display color

    • Note: The Server’s color can not be changed

  2. Click on the Edit icon of the machine name to set a display name

If editing is not possible, check the permissions level of your machine. Learn more about Permissions - affecting SETUP

These settings are the same as the one set in machine settings

Change groups

Add machines to groups

  • to control what is being rendered - Render groups

  • for fast selection - Render and custom groups

Adding a machine to a Render group will set and lock the Compositing Type in the Editor > Pixotope World Settings > General for every launched level.

Learn more about Render groups - AR, VS, AR+VS, XR

Add machine to group

  1. On the machine row, click on the + icon underneath "Groups" and select a Group

Remove machine from group

  1. Click the x icon on the group tag

Add Custom group

  1. Click on the + icon inside the Groups dropdown to add a Custom group

Remove custom group

  1. Click the delete icon inside the Groups dropdown

The custom group will be removed from all machines including the dropdown.

Restart machines remotely

  1. Click on "Restart machines…"

This allows to restart any machine within the Pixotope network.

For any machine which is selected Launch Pixotope on startup will be enabled, so Pixotope Graphics will relaunch after restart. This can be changed in START > Machine settings.


Add Backup Server

Learn more about how to Use Backup Server (failover)

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