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Project settings

The Project Settings view can be found under the "Edit" menu and can be set per project.



  • Allow Different Version Adjustments - Enables loading different version adjustments on Live startup. Can lead to crashes.


  • Get World Actor Type Blacklist - Defines which actor types should be ignored when responding to GetWorld API call.

  • Get Object Property Whitelist - Defines which properties should always be included when responding to GetObject API call.


Quality Of Life

  • Auto Fix Settings - Applies recommended settings for a Pixotope project. For a complete list hover over this setting in the Editor.


  • Print Camera Tracking - Print camera tracking data on the screen.


  • Ignore Version Compatibility on Package Load - Allows opening projects from newer Pixotope/UE5 patch versions.

  • Display Notification Popup on Settings Changed - Enables a popup notification anytime a Pixotope setting change was observed.



  • PerCategorySettings - Defines how verbose should be each log category and if it should be comunicated to the network. Setting some categories to Spam can provide useful insights.


  • Should Override Verbosity - Enables a verbosity override for all log categories.

  • Log Verbosity Override - Defines a verbosity override value for all log categories.

  • Should Override Log to Data Hub - Enables a network behavior override for all log categories.

  • Log to Data Hub Override - Defines a network behavior override value for all log categories.


  • Never Send Spam Logs to Data Hub - This blocks sending too-verbose logs to the network. Turning this off could potentially result in an infinite feedback loop. Beware!



  • Local IP - Which local IP CTSReceiver binds to for incoming tracking data

  • Local Tracking Port - Which local port CTSReceiver binds to for incoming tracking data

Remote Lock

  • Should Lock Remote Address - When checked CTSReceiver ignores incoming data that does not come from the remote IP and/or port.

  • Remote IP to Lock On - Accepted remote IP for tracking data, means accept all.

  • Remote Port to Lock On - Accepted remote port for tracking data, 0 means accept all.



  • Viewport Bottom-Right Info - Enables a text label in the viewport, informing about applied color mode.


  • Override Vanilla OCIO - Enables Pixotope OCIO preview in the viewport.

  • Apply Viewport OCIO In Live - Enables Pixotope OCIO preview in Live and Live Preview modes.

  • Viewport Color Profile Override - Color profile used for OCIO preview.

  • Viewport OCIO Output Lock - an optional IO channel link for OCIO preview.

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