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Set up an XR level (virtual window)

An XR license is needed for

  • Rendering XR Walls

  • Showing the XR panel

  • Showing Pixotope World Settings > XR

For functionality specific to the Unreal Editor and some in-depth knowledge, check out


Follow the initial steps from Set up a VS level:

  1. Create a new show

  2. Launch the level

  3. Go to the Editor

  4. Create a new empty level

  5. Create a virtual scene

  6. Add or import your 3D assets

Virtual set extension

If you plan an additional virtual set extension, separate the graphics and XR content using a level streaming setup.

Learn more about how to Set up a virtual set extension with translucent holdouts

Enable XR rendering

  • In Director: Add the machine to the "XR" Render group in SETUP > Configure > Machines

  • OR In Editor: Set the Compositing Type to "XR" in Pixotope World Settings > General

To output the XR wall texture(s) also in the viewport and the computer monitor when in live mode, change the "Visualization Mode" in Pixotope World Settings > General from "Normal" to "Off-axis texture".

When using virtual camera moves, make sure to enable "XR From Current Camera" in Pixotope World Settings > XR.

To increase image quality using NVIDIA's DLSS go to PRODUCTION > Adjust > Effects > Image up/down sampling.

For supported graphics cards and more details see Using NVIDIA DLSS

Add a Digital Twin

  1. Add a Digital Twin XR actor to the level from Place Actors > Pixotope

    • The actor gets automatically placed as a child underneath the Camera Root

For creating an automatic Digital Twin using Pixotope Tracking check out Calibrate XR alignment

For creating a Manual Twin check out Create a Manual Twin

Academy Tutorial - XR Manual Alignment

This tutorial showcases an older version of Pixotope.

  • Learn how to align the XR walls in Pixotope with the physical LED wall

Adjust XR

Learn more about how to Adjust XR

Enable multi-machine syncing

In multi-machine setups with

  • more than 1 XR machine

  • a virtual set extension

enable multi-machine syncing.

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