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Change show settings

Linked projects

Displays the projects linked to this show file. It also shows its availability (Status) on this machine.

Projects handled by the Asset Hub have additional options.

To add a project managed by the Asset Hub, copy the project folder into ...\Pixotope\Synced Storage\Projects\ before, then add the project link.

  1. Click on "Add project link"

  2. Browse to the .uproject file of the project which should be linked and click "Select"

  1. Click on the Trash can icon in the linked project row

If only one linked project exists, it can not be removed.

Edit project path (Stand-alone and Server role)

  1. Click on "Edit project path"

  2. Browse to the new location of the .uproject and click "Select"

Server machine: Editing the path of the linked project will affect all Client machines.

Edit local project path (Client role)

Client machines can override the project path locally in case their project path is different

  1. Click on "Edit local project path"

  2. Browse to the location of the .uproject and click "Select"

The project with a local override is indicated with - local override

Remove local override

To remove the local override and go back to using the server machine’s project path:

  1. Click on "Remove local override"

Learn more about Show file and linked project

Import from other show

Allows you to import configuration and calibration settings (Base settings, Camera systems, Media inputs and outputs) from another show on the same or another machine.

To import a setup into the open show:

  1. Click "Import from other Show" in SETUP > Show > Show settings

  2. Select the machine you want to import the setup from

  3. Select the Show

  4. Select the items to import

    • base settings

    • camera systems*

    • media inputs and outputs*

The "Import result" dialog shows whether any problems have occurred while importing or applying the setup.

* Items with the same name will be overwritten.

Base settings

Frame rate

Choose the project’s frame rate.

Multi-machine syncing

Enable multi-machine syncing based on the primary timecode. The status of this setting is also shown in the Status panel.

Learn more about how to Configure timecode (LTC)

Learn more about the Status panel in Pixotope Director - Interface

Filmic tone mapping (global)

Enables Unreal’s filmic tone mapper globally.

Learn more about how to Configure the color pipeline

If enabled, the values can be changed in the Color grading panel.

Learn more about how to Adjust color grading

Camera input switching

Enable the ability to switch between multiple camera systems (video and tracking source) in the routing panel.

If disabled, the first camera system routed to a machine is used.


Choose the default values for

  • Input/Output

  • Video format

  • Frame rate

  • Color profile

used in Configure > Routing.

Engine startup arguments (EDITOR/LIVE)

Requires restarting levels.

DX 12 mode (For Ray tracing support)

This starts the Editor/Engine with the DX 12 flag. To fully enable ray tracing, ensure that:

  • Windows 10 is running version 1809 or later

  • DirectX 12 is installed

  • the latest Nvidia RTX Graphic drivers are installed

  • Ray Tracing is turned on in Pixotope Editor Project Settings > Rendering

Custom arguments

Here you can add custom commands to control how the engine behaves when launched.

  1. Click “Add custom argument”

  2. Write out as many commands as you like into the Argument(s) field

  3. Give your argument(s) a Label for easier recognition. This label will also be displayed in a notification bar in the Launch panels, each time an argument is toggled on

  4. Choose to apply the custom argument when launching In Editor and/or LIVE

    Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 09.51.32.png

A notification is shown in the Launch panel, when custom arguments are applied.

Make sure you use proper syntax when typing your commands, otherwise launching levels could fail. A helpful guide, and list of available arguments can be found here

Experimental features

  • File input (enabled by default)

  • GPU and File output

  • VideoIO service debug tools

These features are experimental. We do not recommend using them in production.

Continue to Configure camera tracking

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