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Real World Reference

The Real World Reference is the virtual representation of the real studio setup with its green screens, LED displays, cameras, etc.

Real World Reference - Actor

The Real World Reference actor (formally Camera Root) is the parent for all elements that represent your physical setup.

This actor, spawned automatically, defines the 0,0,0 point in relation to camera tracking and represents the root of your physical studio setup.

The Real World Reference actor can be moved for virtual camera moves, transitioning a virtual studio studio to a different location in the 3D scene.

Real World Reference - Elements

The following elements are auto-attaching to the Real World Reference actor and can be seen as part of it:

Pixotope Tracked Camera

The virtual representation of the real camera which is feeding tracking and video into the engine. The Real World Reference actor represents its camera root.

Chroma Screen

The virtual representation of your green screens allowing for high-quality VS compositing.

Learn more about the Chroma Screen actor

Compositing Planes

Flat planes positioned roughly at the talent location.

Learn more about the Compositing Plane


Estimations of the talent geometry.

Learn more about BPE and TalenTrack

Digital Twin XR and XR walls

The virtual representation of the LED wall.

Learn more about the Digital Twin XR

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