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Creating a control panel - Old version (deprecated)

This version of our control panel will be removed in Pixotope 2.3. Please use our new control panel - Creating a control panel - PRODUCTION

Open a control panel in Director

  1. Go to PRODUCTION > Show > Launch

  2. Hover over the control panel you want to open and click "Open control panel"

    • The control panel is opened

    • The control panel is added to the left side menu under PRODUCTION > Control and can now be accessed directly from there

Open a control panel in the browser

Control panels can be opened in a browser on any device that is connected to the same network as the Pixotope machines it should control.

The control panel is optimised for the Chrome browser.

Click the control panel menu and select:

  • Open in browser

  • Copy local URL

Create a new control panel

  1. Go to PRODUCTION > Show > Launch

  2. Click "Create new control panel"

  3. Check "Old version (deprecated)" and give it a descriptive name

Edit panel

When editing a control panel, you can rearrange and resize the widgets.

  1. Click the control panel menu

  2. Choose "Edit"

From the control panel menu, you can also 

  • Duplicate

  • Close

  • Rename

  • Delete

  • or Create a new control panel

Add widget

  1. Click "Toolbox" on the far right of the panel to open the toolbox drawer

  2. Click the widget you would like to add

Edit action

  1. Right-click on the widget and choose "Edit action"
    Or Double-click the widget

  • "Edit label" - Label of the trigger

  • "Text" - Description on the trigger itself

  • "Edit tooltip" - Additional information that will be visible when the cursor hovers over the trigger

  • "Button Color" - Color of the trigger

  • "Add target" - Add one or multiple actions to the trigger

    • Depending on the widget:

      • Select a single target by clicking "Select"

      • Add a target to the target list by clicking "Add target"

The red border around a widget indicates that it does not have a target set yet.

Select object and property or function

  1. Make sure you have a level running

  2. Select the object by clicking the checkbox

  3. Select the property or function you want to control

  4. Click "Apply"

If the property you want to control is not visible, expose it from within the Editor.

Edit value

  1. Click the edit icon under "Value" in the target or item list

  2. Edit the value while keeping the same format

    • For function: separate the arguments by new line

  3. Click "Apply"

Arrange widgets

While in Edit mode you can:

  • move the widgets

  • resize the widgets

Save control panel

Click the "Save" button to save the changes in the control panel file.

Next step

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