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Making adjustments - PRODUCTION

Have you created and set up a show yet?

Learn more about Setting up a show

Academy Tutorial - Pixotope Director Walkthrough - PRODUCTION View

  • Step by Step Walkthrough of the PRODUCTION View in Director

Switch view

  1. After finishing setup switch the view in Director from SETUP to PRODUCTION

Learn more about the different Views - START, SETUP and PRODUCTION

Launch level

  1. Launch a level, whether you launch in Live or Edit mode will affect how the adjustments are saved

Learn more about how to Launch levels

Key video

  1. Go to PRODUCTION > Adjust > Video Keyer

  2. Select the video input you want to key and enable the video keyer

  3. Enter the "Initialize key" area and draw on the image to select the colors which should be keyed out

  4. Click "Initialize key" and refine the key using the different parameters

Learn more about how to Use the video keyer

Make adjustments to levels

Adjustment panels provide a convenient way to make live adjustments on running levels on single or multi-machine setups without having to open the Pixotope Editor.

Change indicator

In the PRODUCTION > Composite, Effects, and Color Grading panels (more to come), there is a way to identify which parameters have had value changes. It is a blue dot, and a light blue background fill behind the parameter’s label.

Strength has been adjusted

When hovering over the change indicator, the dot will turn into a reset icon. Which values the change indicator resets to depends on whether you are making adjustments in EDIT mode or LIVE/Preview Live mode.

Strength’s change indicator on hover

When making adjustments in EDIT mode:

  • Adjustments are saved to the level directly upon saving

  • Resetting an adjustment will reset to the Engine’s default value, regardless of what values are saved to the level

  • Our Pixotope Calibration project contains levels which have been adjusted from the Engine’s default value, so these values will appear adjusted from the first launch

When making adjustments in LIVE or Preview Live mode:

  • Adjustments are "added on top" of a level

  • Resetting an adjustment will reset to the level’s last saved value

  • Adjustments are stored locally on the machine within the project folder ([Project folder]/Saved/Adjustments/[Levelname].adj)

Change indicator for the Color Grading panel:

  • In this panel the change indicator has a slight variation

  • Each tab under Color Grading offers a unique set of parameters to manipulate. In the below example you can see how changing parameters under Global does not affect parameters under Midtones

  • The blue dot next to the tabs on top cannot be reset, but help notify you of adjustments that may not be immediately apparent

Adjust composite

The composite panel allows you to

  • adjust how 3D graphics and video or composited together

  • transform and adjust compositing planes

  1. Choose which layer to adjust (3D Graphics, Video) or which compositing plane to transform

  2. Make adjustments

Learn more about how to Adjust composite

Adjust effects

The effects panel allows you to add various post-processing effects to the 3D graphics as well as the video.

  1. Choose which layer to apply an effect to (Graphics, Video)

  2. Enable effect

Learn more about how to Adjust effects

Adjust color grading

The color grading panel allows you to adjust

  • white balance

  • color grading for global/shadows/midtones/highlights


  • 3D graphics

  • video

  • final output

Additionally you can adjust the filmic tone mapper and ambient occlusion for 3D graphics.

  1. Choose which layer to adjust the colors on

  2. Make adjustments

Learn more about how to Adjust color grading

Adjust objects

The object panel allows you to change properties of and make transformations to one or multiple objects.

Learn more about how to Adjust objects

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