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Place Actors panel

The "Place Actors" panel gives you quick drag-and-drop access to content in the engine. Broadcast-specific Actors can be found under the "Pixotope" header.

List of actors (alphabetical)

BPE & Plane

Convenience actor which creates a

  • BPE Compositing Mesh

  • VS Internal Compositing Plane as the child of the BPE Compositing Mesh following it in position and scale

Learn more about how to Set up Body Pose Estimation (BPE)

BPE Compositing Mesh

An actor which mimics the person found in the image using NVIDIA’s Body Pose Estimation.

Learn more about the BPE Compositing Mesh

Calibration Cone

A 3D object useful for calibrating the alignment between a virtual and a real point on the surface.

Calibration Cube Hollow

A 3D object useful for calibrating the dimensions between the virtual and the real space.

Capture/Reflection Compositing Plane

A VS Internal Compositing Plane that is only visible in planar reflections.

Custom Compositing Mesh

Unlike the VS Internal Compositing Plane does this actor allow the usage of dynamic meshes to display an input feed. Additionally it allows to set custom components for

  • Depth and Stencil - mandatory

  • Feathering - mandatory

  • Scene Capture

  • Ray Traced Reflections

  • Shadow Catcher

Due to the handling of dynamic meshes/actors, you need to create duplicates of your mesh/actor for each field.

For static meshes use a VS Internal Compositing Plane and change the Master mesh.

Assigning of components can also be done via blueprint.

Digital Twin Calibration Helper

Digital Twin Point Cloud

Digital Twin XR

Learn more about how to Calibrate XR alignment

Feathering Garbage Matte

Garbage Matte Plane (VS)

A surface used to

  • block out video

  • output a custom alpha mask for the external compositing mode in Pixotope

The Garbage Matte Plane does not work with Cast shadow on VS or Light up VS plane enabled. Learn how to Mask out video

Living Photo

Learn more about how to Set up 3D Living Photo

Material Handler

An automatically generated actor that keeps video pre-processing materials. Advanced users could replace the standard pre-compositing pipeline with their own.

Media Input

Plane with a Media Input Component used for virtual monitors.

Pixotope Animated Text Mesh

A dynamically generated 3D text mesh with a variety of pre-programmed animations.

Pixotope Text Mesh

Pixotope Tracked Camera

Pixotope Volume Light

Pixotope Widget Renderer

Allows rendering of Unreal’s Widget Components onto the video output.

Learn more about Unreal’s Widget Components

Post Process Handler

Ray Traced Compositing Plane

A VS Internal Compositing Plane that is only visible in ray-traced reflections.

Real World Reference

Learn more about the Real World Reference

URL Image Actor

An actor that can be used to preload images from a URL and display them in 3D space.

Learn more about the URL Image Actor

Virtual Camera

A virtual studio camera not tracking an external camera; used for creating virtual studio shots independent of the limitations of the physical space, yet still with the talent composited into the 3D space.

Learn more about how to Set up a virtual camera move

VS Internal Compositing Plane

A surface displaying chroma-keyed input camera feed and compositing it into the 3D space of the virtual studio.

Learn more about Compositing Planes

XR Wall

A representation of the physical display screen to be used as an XR wall or "virtual window".

Learn more about XR Walls

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