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Preparing levels in Pixotope Editor

Learn how to prepare levels for AR, VS, XR, virtual camera moves, DMX etc.

Pixotope Editor

The Pixotope Editor is the level editor for your Pixotope projects. It

  • leverages the full power of the Unreal Editor

  • adds functionality and workflow improvements tailored specifically for the broadcast industry

Key features

The key features of the Pixotope Editor include:

  • a WYSIWYG workflow for level layout, lighting, VFX, animation and compositing

  • VideoIO via SDI/NDI/File

  • Color-managed viewport

  • Camera tracking

  • Text 3D - Real-time creation and animation of data-driven 3D text

Learn more about the Pixotope Editor - Interface

This documentation, and the following subpages in particular, only cover aspects specific to Pixotope and Pixotope Editor. For further details about content creation, please check the documentation for the Unreal Editor.

Video tutorial - Creative Introduction

Video tutorial - Pixotope Editor introduction (Pixotope 1.1)

Video tutorial - Level Structure

Unreal Editor

Pixotope Editor fully supports every aspect of the Unreal Editor. We highly recommend exploring the excellent documentation from Epic Games to fully harness the power of the Unreal Engine.

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